The Music

Growing up in Orkney, band leader Sandy Flett had plenty of exposure to Scottish dance music. Innistor’s authentic Scottish sound is based on his characteristic musette accordion lead, complemented and embellished by fiddle, with depth and drive from rhythm guitar and piano/bass (live by midi from the accordion left hand), altogether a very full sound.

Innistor’s material is drawn mainly from a mixture of familiar traditional tunes, pipe tunes, more recent compositions from some of Scotland’s finest players, and a smattering of Irish favourites.

The following video was taken at an Innistor rehearsal, hence the rather “clinical” atmosphere (but at least it gives you an idea of what we look like when performing); this is followed by a number of short audio samples for various dance favourites:

Innistor playing marches for the Gay Gordons
Reel – The Drunken Piper
Jig – Atherney Lodge
Strip the Willow
Virginia Reel
Canadian Barn Dance
Oslo Waltz
Dancers enjoying change-over in Eightsome Reel