The Dancing

Typical dances at a Scottish ceilidh include the Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant (video clip below), Strip The Willow, Scottish Welcome, Canadian Barn Dance, Military Two Step, Virginia Reel, Cumberland Reel, Riverside Jig, St Bernard’s Waltz, Highland Schottische, Flying Scotsman and more.

They are all fairly straightforward and good fun to do. Each dance is explained at the outset by our caller, who will judge the mix of skills on the night, and tailor the initial instructions, and guidance once started, to suit – so no previous experience necessary. If specially requested we can include the more challenging Eightsome Reel.

The following video clips show dancers enjoying Innistor playing for Dashing White Sergeant and Eightsome Reel. You can hear more of what the band sounds like on our Music page.